Is Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. [PPBI] on the road to rising earnings?

Earnings from Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. [PPBI] are scheduled on April 27, 2021, before the market opens. It is expected that the company will report strong earnings for the quarter ending Mar 2021.

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PPBI Stock Earnings Outlook For The Current Quarter

The consensus estimates for the quarter suggest that the company would earn $0.58 per share on revenue of $166.57M. Taking a look at the future, the company is projected to report revenue of $167.63M at an earnings per share of $0.62 for the Jun 2021 quarter. The estimates represent year-over-year improvements of 2.30% in revenue and 4.04% in earnings per share for the company.

PPBI Stock Earnings Forecast For The Current Year

For the full financial year, Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. [NASDAQ:PPBI] is forecasted to generate revenue of $675.12M. The figure is about $100.91 million above what the company actually reported for the fiscal year 2020. In terms of EPS, it is estimated to be $2.5 in 2021, which is $1.75 higher than the figure in FY20. Based on current estimates, earnings are expected to grow 233.30% this year, 4.00% next year, and 8.00% annually over the next five years. With regard to sales, forecasts suggest an incline of 17.60% in current fiscal year and 2.30% over following year.

PPBI Stock Price Performance

At the close of Monday’s session, Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. [NASDAQ:PPBI] finished down -0.39% at $43.72. The stock’s highest single-day price was $45.00, and its lowest was $43.64. Its price rose 2.53% in the last five days. Since the beginning of the year, Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.’s shares are up nearly 39.55%. However, the share price is -7.27% below its one year high. The top price reached by the shares of the company was $47.15 on 03/12/21, while the 52-week low came on 01/04/21, when the shares were $30.54. In the past year, shares of the company have risen 137.09%. At 50 days, the moving average achieved is $42.52 while at 200 days, the moving average is $30.60. There were 0.21 million shares traded in the last session, down from 0.3 million in the previous session.

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. [NASDAQ:PPBI] Stock Valuation Metrics

With a prevailing 12-month PE ratio of 81.57, Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. [PPBI] does not qualify as a good candidate for the list of underestimated low-priced stocks that should be purchased sooner rather than later. By this measure, the company’s stock is trading at a premium to the industry average of 13.09 times trailing earnings. Investors may find it helpful to look at historical price-sales ratios, and in the case of this stock, 6.23 PS value ratio is reported for the last one year of reported earnings. This is above the average return 2.74 for the industry, which means PPBI offers an unattractive investment opportunity than its competitors do.

PPBI Share Price Support And Resistance Levels

Based on the daily chart, the immediate backing lies around the 43.72 level, and the violation of this level will cause a further drop to 43.24 level. At the upper end, 45.96 remains a key resistance. As the stock increases, it may find resistance at 45.48. In the 14-day chart, the Relative Strength Index standing at 54.92 suggests a technical neutral stance while the MACD standing at 0.40 indicates price will decrease in the next trading period. Stochastic %K at 64.99% suggests holding the stock while Percent R indicator at 27.71% suggests bullish price movement.

How much is the short interest in Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.?

There have been a drop in short interest in the Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. Financial stock, with short interest up by 0.37 million shares to 1.41 million shares on Mar 14, 2021. According to data provided by Yahoo Finance, the short interest on Apr 14, 2021 stood at 1.78 million shares. This -26.24% decrease suggests some bullish sentiment was experienced by the stock. Shorted shares accounted for just 2.25% of the overall float in the stock, while the stock’s days to cover moved to 4.65.

How do analysts view Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.?

In regard to the share price forecast for Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. stock, the analysts, as surveyed by FactSet, forecast the price to reach $48.50 in the next twelve months, representing almost an 9.86% growth from its recent price of $43.72. Among Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. stock projections, $50.00 is the highest analyst target for the stock, while $36.00 is the lowest. Despite this, 6 analysts who share their consensus rating for PPBI in 2021 agree that the stock is a Buy. The latest rating change took place on 1/27/21, when Raymond James Ratings launched coverage of the stock at “Strong Buy” and assigned a price target of $40.0.


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