Energy Focus Inc. (EFOI) stock rising today. Here’s what’s happening?


Energy Focus Inc. (NASDAQ: EFOI) stock gained by 70.26% at last close however the company’s stock price tends to increase by 1.20% in the current market trading session. Energy Focus is a pioneer in the development of environmentally-friendly LED lighting and lighting control systems, as well as UVC disinfector solutions.

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What’s happening?

Energy Focus is now accepting pre-orders for the nUVo TOWER, which will be delivered in early January 2022, and is offering its nUVo TRAVELER for expedited shipping. After this news, the stock price rose high to $3.32.

UVC air disinfectors from nUVo by Energy Focus are meant to kill 99.9% of airborne pathogens like moulds, bacteria, and viruses. It also aids in the destruction of coronavirus and its variants by using the proven disinfection capacity of UVC-254nm light to break the DNA and RNA strands of infections with a single pass through their UVC lamps. The patent-pending UVC blockers in the nUVo air disinfectors safely contain the strong UVC lamps while increasing airflow.

SARS-CoV-2 viruses are mostly transmitted through aerosols, according to a growing number of scientific investigations. By catching and eradicating airborne pathogens in real-time, nUVo is made to develop personal and portable comfort zones, making life safer for people and those around them. Intertek Microbiological Tests independently confirmed both nUVo TRAVELER and TOWER for removing 94.1-99.9% of various pathogens and that too in nearly thirty minutes of time.

What else?

nUVo TRAVELER and nUVo TOWER improve health, safety, convenience, productivity, and calmness in all types of personal and public areas through effective and continuous air disinfection. nUVo disinfectors, unlike traditional air purifiers, do not require expensive and time-consuming filter refills and do not leave potentially hazardous and smelly chemical residues. If utilized 8 hours a day, the UVC bulbs, which are safely enclosed and replaceable, will last roughly 3 years.


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