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Orion S.A [OEC] stock for 94,040 USD was acquired by Quinones Carlos

Investors can speculate about the future of a stock by watching how its insiders buy and sell stocks. Orion S.A shares valued at $94,040 were purchased by Quinones Carlos on Jun 10 ’24. At $23.51 per share, Quinones Carlos acquired 4,000 shares. The insider’s holdings grew to 69,702 shares worth approximately $1.49 million following the completion of this transaction.

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Also, Glajch Jeffrey purchased 5,000 shares, netting a total of over 118,400 in proceeds. Following the buying of shares at $23.68 each, the insider now holds 77,061 shares.

Before that, Niewiem Sandra had sold 8,305 shares from its account. In a trade valued at $201,075, the Sr. VP Global Specialties traded Orion S.A shares for $24.21 each. Upon closing the transaction, the insider’s holdings decreased to 8,305 shares, worth approximately $0.3 million.

As published in their initiating research note from Mizuho on March 27, 2024, Orion S.A [OEC] has been a Neutral and the price target has been revised to $25. Analysts at JP Morgan downgraded the stock from ‘”an Overweight”‘ to ‘”a Neutral”‘ outlook in a report released in mid April. As of March 13, 2023, Credit Suisse has initiated its “an Outperform” rating for OEC. Earlier on June 18, 2021, JP Morgan upgraded its rating. Their new recommendation was “an Overweight” for OEC stock which previously was a “a Neutral”.

Analyzing OEC Stock Performance

During the last five days, there has been a drop of approximately -4.04%. Over the course of the year, Orion S.A shares have dropped approximately -23.01%. Shares of the company reached a 52-week high of $27.73 on 01/02/24 and a 52-week low of $20.98 on 07/02/24. A 50-day SMA is recorded $23.86, while a 200-day SMA reached $23.26. Nevertheless, trading volume fell to 0.1 million shares from 0.33 million shares the previous day.

Support And Resistance Levels for Orion S.A (OEC)

According to the 24-hour chart, there is a support level at 21.25, which, if violated, would cause prices to drop to 21.16. In the upper region, resistance lies at 21.50. The next price resistance is at 21.65. RSI (Relative Strength Index) is 21.97 on the 14-day chart, showing oversold technical sentiment. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is at -1.03, which suggests the price will decrease in the coming days. Percent R is at 87.83%, indicating bearish price movement. Stochastics%K at buying indicates that the stock is to be held.

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