Fanhua Inc (FANH) announced a quarterly cash dividend and One America News Network (OANN) got one-week suspension after posting fake COVID-19 cure


Fanhua Inc (FANH), a leading independent financial services provider in China today announced its quarterly dividend of $0.0125 per ordinary share or $0.25 per ADS for the third quarter of 2020. The dividend will be payable around Dec 23, 2020, to shareholders of record on Dec 9, 2020.

25-cent Stock Takes $11T Commodities Sector Digital

One brilliantly-run technology firm has successfully partnered with some of the largest players in the industry to bring a first-of-its-kind digital solution to the global commodities supply chain sector. Best of all, this upstart technology firm is currently trading undiscovered — below 25-cents per share — so very, very few investors know about it yet! For investors… it's an early-stage opportunity in a company that's bringing the US$11T global commodities sector straight into the 21st century.

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OANN (One America News Network) has been banned by YouTube for 1 week after the media organization upload a fake cure for the Coronavirus. The channel would not be able to upload new videos and livestreaming for one week. The channel would not be able to make any money from YouTube ads.

YouTube spokesperson said that the company removed a video from OANN and issued a strike on the channel for violating our COVID-19 misinformation policy, which prohibits content claiming there’s a guaranteed cure. The YouTube spokesperson said that OANN is also suspended from the YouTube Partner Program.

Still, it’s unclear what was in OANN’s video about Coronavirus cure which forced YouTube to take such strict action.

Due to the ban, the OANN Channel has to reapply for the YouTube’s Partner Program if the channel wants to make money from its existing content again. The YouTube policy clearly says that the companies will only be readmitted after they’ve fixed the issues that led to the suspension.

The YouTube was also getting hard criticism from followers after it allowed OANN to spread misinformation, such as fake victory news for Donald Trump in the recent U.S. presidential election.

The OANN has not responded to the Youtube actions yet.


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