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What Makes Moderna Inc’s (MRNA) Vaccine Stand Out Among Others?

The latest test results for COVID-19, a vaccine manufactured by biotech company Moderna Inc. (MRNA), were announced late last year. The most important piece of information was the high success rate even after three months following the second dose.

A key indicator affecting the dynamics of the pandemic and decisions of the regulatory authorities to introduce or remove certain restrictions is the effective and long-lasting duration of the COVID-19 vaccine. A study published by Moderna in December last year found that antibody levels in people who receive a second dose of the vaccine remain elevated three months after vaccination. This level appears to be higher than that observed in patients with the disease at the same time.

Thus, Moderna’s development has been proven to be highly efficient. Pfizer, whose vaccine is currently supplied to European countries to be immunized, doesn’t provide the same data. Moderna has thereby gained an important competitive advantage. For most health care systems, exposure to the vaccine for a longer period is preferable because it will result in better protection for the population and more acceptable vaccination regimens without excessive overload. Vaccine manufacturers use this metric as well, as it allows them adequate time to manufacture sufficient amounts of vaccine to meet orders.

Moderna Inc. (MRNA) has a tentative procurement agreement for more than $11 billion worth of vaccines for 2021 which has FDA approval for use in emergencies. A 12-month efficacy study of the Moderna vaccine is not yet available since trials began in March 2020.

Investors now have less uncertainty regarding the Moderna Inc. (MRNA) COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness. Although there are numerous developments in biotechnology, investing in biotech is still risky. As a company in this respect, Moderna remains a classic biotech company.

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