Waste Management (WM): Is WM stock the next gem of its Industry?

In the past year, Waste Management (WM) has performed well. Last year WM’s share price appreciated 41.23%, whereas the stock rose by 8.57% over the past six months. WM’s quarterly performance stands at 5.70%, and it was up by 12.25% in the previous month. A performance reading of 0.97% is currently recorded for the week. Even waste recycling remains in demand in crisis times, and Waste Management’s business is encouraging and strong.

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The crisis was measured by Waste Management’s revenue falling by only 1.5 % last year. Nevertheless, revenues rose by 5.4% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year. Throughout the year, the revenue declined, but the profit indicator improved as the year advanced. The reason for this is, Waste Management offered discounts to some consumers at the beginning of the pandemic.

Waste Management (WM) offers a scale advantage in business: it serves approximately 20 million customers and has 244 solid waste landfills, five hazardous disposal landfills, and a fleet of garbage trucks. The WM stock’s key asset is its landfill, which lets them make money by providing third-party garbage collectors services.

Because of their arrangement, hazardous waste landfills may make the most money in this respect since the demand for hazardous waste disposal is stable, and their performance causes certain disadvantages. These types of waste will require even more attention with the tightening of environmental standards.

Even 2020 has not been an exception to Waste Management’s dividend growth, as it has consistently increased its dividend for over 17 years. With a dividend yield of 1.9 %, it is slightly higher than the 1.5 % yield on the S&P 500 but is generally not elevated. Therefore Waste Management stock is not a fast-growing venture, yet it can be deemed a solid long-term investment.

Waste Management Inc. (WM) shares traded at 0.59% above the closing price on the 23rd of March and reached as high as $124.81. Last trading session, the price range was $122.76 and $124.81. The WM stock price is -5.27% below the target price of $130.64. WM currently has a market capitalization of $52.66 billion.


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