Will Nuance Communications, Inc (NUAN) and Microsoft Tackle the Healthcare Sector Together?

Having closed on April 9th, 2021 at USD$45.58, Nuance Communications, Inc (NUAN) has seen a pre-market surge of more than 22 to hit just under USD$56 per share. This followed the news that Microsoft would be buying NUAN for an astounding USD$16 billion.

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History of Microsoft and NUAN’s partnership

Microsoft and NUAN have been working together for 2 years to develop AI software designed to facilitate the integration of patient discussions into electronic health records. Microsoft has also been utilizing NUAN products in conjunction with its Teams application to assist with telehealth appointments.

The Numbers Behind the Acquisition

The value of the Microsoft buyout prices shares at USD$56 apiece, with the sum total of USD$16 billion being the second-highest in Microsoft’s history behind the acquisition of LinkedIn for USD$26 billion. The expedition of the digitization of the health care industry is a venture that is likely to prove to be very lucrative, given how this sector lags behind others in that regard.

NUAN Before Microsoft

NUAN itself has had a stellar year, having seen its share prices sure by an impressive 168.35% over the course of that period. In the first fiscal quarter of 2021, they reported USD$345.8 million in revenue with non-GAAP diluted earnings of USD$0.20 per share. This is compared to reported revenue of USD$361.5 million in Q1 of the previous year.

NUAN’s Strong Suits

The year-on-year revenue growth in Q1 of 2021 was a solid 28%, stemming from NUAN’s cloud-based offerings in the healthcare sector. Revenues from Dragon Medical and DAX Cloud were up 22% in Q1 from the same period of the previous year. This is a clear indicator of the success of NUAN’s speech-recognition software, Dragon.

What does the Future Look Like for NUAN?

While there are always inherent risks with integration, analysts are confident that Microsoft, with its USD$1.9 trillion market cap, will be able to leverage the technology that NUAN brings to the table. Their products and services have been stellar, with the execution being NUAN’s biggest obstacle. Nevertheless, NUAN works with 90% of U.S hospitals and 85% of the Fortune 100 as a full-service trusted partner. How they continue to be pioneers in technology and market leadership under the ubiquitous banner of Microsoft remains to be seen.


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