Gatos Silver, Inc. (GATO) Climbing at the Behest of Commercial Investors

Gatos Silver, Inc. (GATO) stock prices are climbing as of April 15th, 2021, seeing a 10.31% increase to hit USD$11.45. In the absence of significant stock news regarding GATO, this increase does not seem to be preceded by a change in business fundamentals or promising developments.

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Why are GATO Stock Prices Increasing?

Rather, this activity seems to reflect market trading of GATO stocks by institutional investors and hedge funds. Q4 2020 saw many high-volume, high-value trades that are likely to have caught the eye of potential retail investors.

Pumped by Commercial Investors?

Exor Investments UK LLP added to its position in Gatos Silver, with their purchase of GATO stock valued at roughly USD$24.828 million. Strs Ohio also bought an additional position in the company, with their purchase coming out to a cool USD$74,000. CIBC Asset Management expanded its existing position by an approximate USD$3.638 million, while BlackRock Inc’s new position totals nearly USD$19.592 million. USD$173,000 worth of shares were picked up by the New York State Common Retirement Fund in the expansion of their existing positions in Gatos Silver.

What does GATO do?

Gatos Silver, Inc. is involved in the exploring, developing, and producing of precious metals, with silver ore being at the forefront, as the company’s name would suggest. Zinc, lead and gold ores are some of the other metals GATO is engaged in. Formerly known as Sunshine Silver Mining & Refining Corp., the name change occurred in October of 2020.

GATO Mine in Mexico

Their flagship asset, the Cerro Los Gatos mine is located in the Los Gatos District of Chihuahua, Mexico. 14 zones of mineralization have been identified in that region to-date, with more than 85% of the 103,087-hectare district hitherto undrilled.

GATO’s Outlook

It remains to be seen if all GATO needed for its stock prices to trend upwards consistently was the start of a snowball effect by the big institutions buying into GATO stock. If so, the largely unexplored and high prospective mining site has massive potential that this could be the key to unlocking.


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