Vyant Bio, Inc (VYNT) Stock Prices Surge Shortly After Announcement of Three-way Collaboration


Vyant Bio, Inc (VYNT) stock prices were down 2.7% as of the end of the trading day on April 23rd, 2021, bringing the price per share down to USD$3.6 at market close. Subsequent pre-market fluctuations saw a sharp surge of 9.44% as the price of each share of VYNT went up to USD$3.94.

25-cent Stock Takes $11T Commodities Sector Digital

One brilliantly-run technology firm has successfully partnered with some of the largest players in the industry to bring a first-of-its-kind digital solution to the global commodities supply chain sector. Best of all, this upstart technology firm is currently trading undiscovered — below 25-cents per share — so very, very few investors know about it yet! For investors… it's an early-stage opportunity in a company that's bringing the US$11T global commodities sector straight into the 21st century.

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Collaboration with Ordaos and Cellaria

The up-and-coming frontrunner in the drug discovery sector recently announced a collaboration with Ordaos Bio and Cellaria, Inc. in an effort to de-risk the development of small protein therapeutics. The company recently facilitated the designing development and testing of prospective treatments on various patient demographics during preclinical development. They did this by jointly announcing a model that uses AI for rapid iteration of the therapeutic design, as well as in vitro “avatar clinical trials”.

Joint Efforts

With the aim of gaining access to an early detection system in regard to the efficacy of a drug in various patient cohorts before it goes to clinical trials, the joint effort leverages the novel capabilities of each partnering company. With their combined strengths, they hope to ensure the designing, manufacturing and testing of small protein treatments that will target several biomarkers generated from whole genome sequencing of patient cohorts.

Ordaos’ Contribution

With the use of patented AI, Ordaos will focus on the generation of in silico protein sequences which will serve as the foundation for the production and rapid iteration of the protein, using a cutting-edge expression system. The protein will be tailored to bind specific disease targets and will be used by a joint team of experts in vitro and in vivo preclinical drug discovery.

Cellaria’s Contribution

The protein will, then, be purified and evaluated for its ability to bind to its targets with the use of Cellaria’s proprietary Patient Specific Cell Model Cohorts. The purified protein will then be optimized to improve efficacy across a variety of disease-specific genetic biomarker expressing cells.

Vyant Bio’s Contribution

With a fully optimized purified protein, VYNT will take the charge to ensure it is ready to pass regulatory standards with the minimal risk associated with the drug candidate. This process will allow for the circumvention of a costly clinical trial in the provision of data and human-based insights.

Future Outlook for VYNT

As the companies continue to develop projects that serve to refine their drug design and manufacturing strategies, they are specifically targeting cancer and pancreatic and autoimmune disorders. The collaborative efforts of the three promising companies have inspired confidence in both current and prospective investors, as evidenced by the recent upswing in VYNT stock prices.


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