Why Did BlueRush (BTVRF) Stock Gain Momentum Last Session?

On the last trading day, shares of the emerging personalized video Software as a Service (SaaS) company, BlueRush Inc. (OTCQB: BTVRF) finished up 3.94% at $0.0910. During the session, BTVRF stock traded between $0.09095 and $0.0910, while 22.86K shares changed hands. Upon announcing a partnership with a well-known provider of communication management services, BTVRF stock surged.

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Who has BTVRF partnered with?

In addition to developing and marketing IndiVideo, BlueRush provides the most comprehensive customer lifecycle video platform that drives return on investment throughout the customer lifecycle, from sales conversion to engaging statements and customer service. BTVRF clients can capture knowledge and data from their customers’ video interactions through IndiVideo, enabling them to create new and compelling data-driven customer insights.

BlueRush team yesterday announced its partnership with Doxim, a leading provider of customer communication management (CCM) and customer engagement technology for financial and regulated markets.

  • Taking action with Doxim is an exciting opportunity for BTVRF because Doxim brings innovative solutions and high value to its customers.
  • BlueRush is excited to help Doxim transform their customer notifications and statements into compelling experiences.
  • As part of its customer experience management platform, Doxim will integrate personalized interactive video created by IndiVideo for Doxim CCM to provide digital customer experiences including interactive bills, statements, policies, and reports that are interactive and visually engaging.
  • Doxim’s clients are attempting to provide personalized, engaging digital experiences that can enable them to simplify complex information, encourage customers to explore upselling opportunities and drive conversions and revenues.
  • Data-driven video experiences delivered by Doxim CCM Interactive Video will empower them to engage and interact with their customers in a fun and engaging way.
  • As BTVRF continues to establish a strong supplier network of leading providers of customer communications management, this partnership will improve its position in this space.

Recently, BlueRush started its Fiscal Year 2022 with a tremendous start in terms of expanding its existing and new customer base.

As part of BTVRF’s Sales, Marketing, and Customer Communication Management capabilities, Interactive Personalized Video (IPV) has become a core capability. As a result, sales cycles are changing from the days when they were highly evangelical and a great deal of customer education was required. It is no longer the same conversation. BTVRF customers understand the value of its IPV platform, IndiVideo, and are interested in conversational engagement to find ways to get value from it.

What helped BTVRF expand?

Several factors have led to BlueRush (BTVRF) securing new business and expanding its existing client base. BTVRF’s sales and marketing efforts are contributing to the company’s growth in the funnel, shortening sales cycles, and maintaining its enviable retention rates because of positive metrics with existing customers and increasing market appetite for IPV.

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