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A Closer Look at DocuSign Inc.’s (DOCU) Growth Curve

DocuSign Inc. (NASDAQ: DOCU), a software firm that creates an electronic signature and verification solutions, is presently trading more than 70% below its 52-week highs.

Investors are likely to feel that the company’s finest days are behind it, as are the pandemic’s most severe phases. Wedbush Bank, in particular, does not anticipate DocuSign Inc. (DOCU) to develop much in the next quarters.

Wedbush analysts downgraded DocuSign’s shares from “neutral” to “under market” on Tuesday, May 3, and dropped their price objective from $80 to $60. According to the experts, DocuSign’s growth spurt has ended. The firm benefited from telecommuting, with revenues increasing by 49 percent and 45 percent in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

As demand for DocuSign’s products stabilizes and office activity returns, the company’s growth will drop dramatically. That is, experts anticipate DocuSign to continue to grow, but it is unlikely that the company will see the same kind of hypergrowth as in recent years.

DOCU stock is presently priced at around 38 times its free cash flow, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Investors expect DocuSign to expand at least 38 percent each year at this rate. Wall Street experts, on the other hand, expect the firm to expand at a rate of 22% every year.

Regardless of the pandemic, an increasing digital revolution cannot be ruled out, which might maintain demand for DocuSign solutions strong. DocuSign Inc. (DOCU) stock, on the other hand, is now struggling.

DocuSign Inc. (NASDAQ: DOCU) shares are currently trading at a price that is close to -38.65% lower than their 90-day high, according to a recent spot check on the stock’s support and resistance. On the other side, the stock is now +13.99 percent higher than its 90-day low.

DOCU’s current price is -74.29 percent lower than its 52-week high. The current price is up 13.99 percent from its 52-week low.

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