Long-Term Outlook Remains Favorable: Zomedica Corp. (ZOM) Stock

ZOM Stock

The share of the veterinary platform Zomedica Corp. (AMEX: ZOM) climbed 13.86 percent to $0.25 during the trading session on July 6 owing to the completion of the purchase of a promising digital platform.

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The assets of Revo Squared LLC, which possesses the important MicroView platform for automating medical testing processes for identifying animal illnesses, have recently been acquired by Zomedica Corp. (ZOM). Revo Squared’s digital platform features an automated medication preparation technique for obtaining the fastest and most accurate picture utilizing an electron microscope.

It should be emphasized that the most common cause of incorrect diagnoses is faulty medication preparation, or the veterinarian simply cannot perform analysis and is compelled to re-prepare a glass slide with a sample. The Revo MicroView technology addresses this prevalent issue, making it a beneficial purchase for Zomedica.

The development of Revo Squared will be relocated to Zomedica’s main production facility in Roswell, Georgia, USA. As a result, the firm will be able to swiftly scale the acquired technology using its core resources.

The management of Zomedica Corp. (ZOM) is sure that the Revo MicroView platform will profit fast. The technique is likely to be commercially accessible as early as 2023 and might generate a significant rise in Zomedica Corp. (ZOM) revenue due to a big unmet demand for high-tech veterinary diagnostics.

Simultaneously, Revo MicroView technology may be utilized not only in small veterinary clinics for pets but also in big livestock complexes and other institutions that perform a high volume of diagnostic operations.

When it comes to market volatility, the firm has a 1-week volatility index of 10.11 percent and a monthly volatility index of 8.21 percent. The average true range (ATR) for this stock is now 0.02, and the beta factor is 0.59. The Volatility indicator indicates how much a stock is expected to fall or rise when the rest of the market falls or rises.

If a stock has a beta score greater than one, its volatility is considerable. Figures less than one indicates that the volatility of the stock at that time is minimal.

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