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Zero Trust Could Be Sales Driver for ManTech and Leidos

The military sector is embracing the notion of zero trust in information technology. This could be a long-term sales driver for ManTech International Corp. (NASDAQ: MANT) and Leidos Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: LDOS).

The chief of the Pentagon’s IT department, John Sherman, spoke on the planned shift to the idea of zero trust at the AFCEA NOVA conference held by the US Space Forces. This is a novel method to data security that varies from the conditional split of the IT environment into a secure one guarded by a wall of firewalls and other cyber defence systems.

Because a threat might emerge from any area of the IT infrastructure, security must be present everywhere: from endpoints (for example, user terminals) to central servers and data centres for processing and storing data.

In January 2021, the notion of zero trust was accepted as required for all US government departments, including defence. Now it’s time to order and implement the necessary solutions.

Because contracts with commercial organisations are commonly employed in this area, John Sherman noted that the move to zero trust satellite communications will need particular measures.

The Pentagon is still researching alternatives for adopting zero trust in practise and has commissioned studies on the issue. However, potential investment opportunities in the emerging defence IT market may already be identified.

ManTech is a pioneer in satellite cyber protection systems and might benefit from the new project. Leidos has developed its own technologies for cyber security of military and intelligence

Leidos Holdings Inc. (LDOS) is down -4.55% this week and -5.40% for the month. It has dropped 6.92% year to date and -3.12% in the last year.communications.

MANT had a year-to-date performance of 31.51%. The stock’s price has risen by 0.06% in the last week and 0.09% in the last month, according to the 7-day charts.

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