Are There Any Significant Reasons Why The 180 Life Sciences (ATNF) Stock Is Up Nearly 10% This Session?


Following the announcement of a potentially cost-effective medication, 180 Life Sciences Corp. (NASD: ATNF) shares increased 9.91% to $0.47 in the current market on Thursday.

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What has the ATNF declared?

Researchers at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and Oxford Population Health’s Health Economics Research Centre discovered that anti-TNF therapy (adalimumab), which is frequently used to treat conditions like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, is likely to be a cost-effective treatment for people with early-stage Dupuytren’s disease.

In the UK, more than 5 million people are afflicted by Dupuytren’s illness. Due to tissue nodules developing cords beneath the skin, it leads the fingers to irrevocably curl towards the palm, affecting hand function and quality of life. For early-stage illness, there is presently no authorized therapy. There are drawbacks to any therapy option for late-stage illness, including the chance of recurrence.

A course of four adalimumab injections significantly decreased the hardness and size of early-stage Dupuytren’s disease nodules, according to a recent phase 2b trial led by Professor Jagdeep Nanchahal of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, who is also a consultant to the company. Professor Nanchahal is also the principal investigator on the trial.

Researchers examined data on expenses and quality of life based on the outcomes of the Repurposing Anti-TNF for Treating Dupuytren’s Disease (RIDD) experiment. Using a patient-level simulation model, they extrapolated the trial results and calculated the lifetime cost-effectiveness of adalimumab for treating Dupuytren’s disease. The simulated model also assessed simulated repeating rounds of adalimumab in individuals who originally responded to therapy, each time the nodule was reactivated (every three years).

How well-received was ATNF during those trials?

Around 2.6 million people in the UK may have progressive early-stage Dupuytren’s disease, according to the study’s authors’ estimates. Adalimumab by 180 Life Sciences (ATNF) has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of progressive early-stage Dupuytren’s disease, according to phase 2b results. If the therapy is to be made available to patients, it must be cost-effective. Adalimumab is anticipated to be cost-effective for treating early-stage Dupuytren’s disease, which is a critical finding for ATNF as it works to effectively commercialize the medication and make it broadly accessible to patients.


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